11.12.15Vermont College Dance Festival, Middlebury College
8.1.15The Wassaic Project, NY
11.14ISEA2014, Dubai, UAE
9.16.146 Phrases, 3 Rules, Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT.
3.19.14Encrypted Trajectory, Dibden Center for the Arts, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT. View postcard.
9.28.13Make-a-Dance, Champlain Mini Maker Faire, Shelburne, VT. View postcard.
7.5.13Resampling Berlin, Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin, Germany. View postcard.
6.30.13 - 7.14.13Institut für alles mögliche Residency, Berlin, Germany. View postcard.">View postcard.
6.5.13 - 6.30.13Takt Kunstprojektraum Residency, Berlin, Germany. View postcard.
5.3.13 - 5.4.13[radical] Signs of Life,
EMPAC, Troy NY. Click for video.
12.16.12Dance Salon, Contemporary Dance & Fitness Studio, Montpelier, VT. ShiftSCAPE.
12.15.12Eastern Bloc, Montreal. Luna Eclose. View postcard.
12.14.12Goddard College, Plainefield, VT. Luna Eclose. View postcard.
10.17.12 - 10.21.12Wave Rising Series 2012. John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, NY. ShiftSCAPE.
9.21.12ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness. Sean Clute Audiovisual Performance (artist talk). Albuquerque, NM.
9.21.12ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness. Pauline Jennings - DOUBLE VISION Intermedia Performance (artist talk). Albuquerque, NM.
9.28.12DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL 2012. John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, NY. Thicket.
1.26.12 - 1.28.12CoolNY 2012 Dance Festival, John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, NY. Thicket.
12.10.11Goddard College, Plainfield, VT. Three Canons and Mise En Scenes.
11.7.11 - 11.9.112011 WAVE RISING SERIES, John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, NY. U.S. premiere of Duplexity and Hysteretic Trio.
9.23.112011 DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL, John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, NY. Hysteretic Trio.
9.17.11Modesto International Architecture Festival, Chartreuse Muse Gallery, Modesto, CA. Wolfram Projections.
8.18.11 + 8.19.11Phantom Theater, Warren, VT. Ambiguous Barcode.
8.6.11OZU, Monteleone Sabino + Rome. Click here for info.
7.30.11Moving House Foundation's Florian Workshop Residency, Budapest, Hungary. Duplexity and the international premiere of Mythology (Buda and Pest). Click here for info.
7.21.11ProArts International Choreography Platform, Brno, Czech Republic. Veritable Vicissitudes. Click here for info.
7.20.11ProArts International Choreography Platform, Brno, Czech Republic. Duplexity. Click here for info.
7.12.11Pop Revolution Festival at Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy. International premiere of Veritable Vicissitudes. Click here for info.
7.9.11Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, Island Kefalonia, Greece. International premiere of Duplexity and Mythos (Know Thyself). Click here for info.
7.1.11 - 8.7.11Recession Special Tour, Europe. Information: http://double-vision.org/RecessionSpecialTour
6.18.2011Residency Showing. CDFS, Montpelier, VT.
5/4/11 + 5/5/11Duplexity. The Garage RAW Festival. 975 Howard St., San Francisco, CA.
4/16/11Hysteretic Trio. DanceNOW [NYC] RAW Festival. NYU Tisch, New York City, NY.
3/7/11 - 4/1/11Recursive Things. Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, VT.
3/6/11Veritable Vicissitudes. Montpelier Contemporary Dance Center.
2/18/11 - 2/22/11Silo Guest Artist Residency. DanceNOW NYC.
7.15.10 21 Grand, Oakland, CA Mechanical Bull.
7/9/10 + 7/10/10Hysteresis. Merce Cunningham Studio. New York City, NY.
5/1/10The Happening. May Day Festival, CounterPULSE. San Francisco, CA.
4/9/10 - 4/11/10Hysteresis. 2010 Season, Dance Mission Theater. San Francisco, CA. Press Release
2/20/10Wolfram Projections. Illuminated Corridor, Victoria Theater. San Francisco, CA.
1/10Hysteresis [Phase 1]. Women on the Way Festival, The Garage. San Francisco, CA.
12/10/09Palimpsest with L.A.C.E. Downtown LA Art Walk, Rowan Lofts. Los Angeles, CA.
11/20/09Park and Play. Women on the Way Festival. The Garage. San Francisco, CA.
11/3/09Innovative Performance for Traditional Needs #3. Mr. Smiths. San Francisco, CA. Press Release | ÊPhoto Gallery
9/25/09Illuminated Corridor. Oakland Underground Film Festival. Alameda, CA. Documentation.
8/8/09Illuminated Corridor. Oakland Museum of California. Oakland, CA.
6/29/09Slippery Dreams. Climate Theater, San Francisco, CA.
5/30/09Sean CluteÕs Canale della Misericordia featured in Illuminated CorridorÕs Port Radio Collection. Online audio feed
4/28/09Engaging Momentum choreography workshop series. AXIS Dance Company. Oakland, CA.
5/2/09Bay Area National Dance Week and the SOMArtwalk. The Garage. San Francisco, CA.
2/21/09ÒSix Donuts.Ó Raum D, Museumsquartier, Vienna Austria. Info.
2/17/09ICST Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology + Tanz Akademie ZŸrich. ZŸrich, Switzerland. Info.
2/13/09Institut IntermŽdi’. Prague, Czech Republic. Info.
2/11/09PŽcsi Tudom‡nyegyetem M?vŽszeti Kar, PŽc Hungary. Info.
1/22/09New Systems in Intermedia Art + Performance. University of Applied Arts, Vienna Austria. Info.
10/25/08Chance Operations, Climate Theater, San Francisco. Info.
10/6/08MonkeyTownHQ, Brooklyn, NY. Info.
10/4/08B A R N, Brooklyn, NY. Info.
9/28/08The Orphanage, Chicago, IL. Info.
9/26/08BoCA / Fuse Factory, Columbus, OH. Info.
9/22/08Old Main Chapel Theater, Boulder, CO. Info.
9/20/08Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM. Dance, music, and video installation. Info.
9/19/08College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM. Lecture by Sean Clute, Dave Holton, Pauline Jennings, Wendy Marinaccio on evolving systems of performance and arts management. Info.
9/14/09 - 9/20/09ARTSLab Residency, Performances + Guest Instruction of Modern Technique and Dance Composition, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. Info.
9/11/08Dance Matters Series (lecture + performance), Arizona State University, Phoenix, Ax. Info.
9/9/08Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ. Info.
9/8/08 - 9/13/08Stevie Eller Dance Theater Residency, Performances + Guest Lectures in Dance and Music Depts., University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Info.
9/8/08Arts Alive TV, San Francisco, CA. http://artsalivesf.blip.tv/#1228604
9/5/08 - 9/6/08Intersection Dance Project, Electric Lodge, Venice Beach, CA. Info.
9/2/08BASIC. San Diego, CA. Installation dance, music and video performance. Info.
9/1/08the microscore project, Los Angeles, CA. Sean Clute composition for cello and violin. Info.
8/21/08fundraiser | performance | food | drinks | *wanderlust*. DragonBar, San Francisco, CA. Click here for more info.
4/30/08Infinite Transformations of Desire, an exhibition of new media art. California State University, Stanislaus. Exhibit by Jessica Gomula, interactive performance including DOUBLE VISION.
4/25/08 - 4/26/08DUC X (Dance Under Construction), University of California, Berkeley. Sean Clute and Pauline Jennings presented the paperInterconnectivity and Co-dependence with the Machine.
4/11/08 - 04/13/08DOUBLE VISION @ The Garage: Artist in Residence Showing. Click here for more details.
2 - 3/08Series of led by Sean Clute with major support by Meet the ComposerÕs MetLife Creative Connections Grant. Click here for more info!
3/14/08Empire Conference 2008: Migrations, Diasporas, Networks. DOUBLE VISION panel on DIY Art, Organization, Systems and Marketing by Sean Clute, Jessica Gomula, Pauline Jennings, Chris Kruzic, Wendy Marinaccio. California State University, Stanislaus.
2/9/08 12:00 AMThree Canons and Mise En Scenes presented at Lisser Hall as part of the Mills College Music and Dance Alumni Concert.
Jan. 18-19, 24-25, 27, 2008Women on the Way Festival. Click here for more info!
1/10/08 - 1/12/08An Interdisciplinary Conversation: Mobility of the Line. University of Brighton, UK. Paper published in proceedings: Clute, S., Jennings, P. Impossible Blueprint: Territorial Collisions in Intermedia Performance.
12/5/07Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Peace, Love and Yelp Holiday Party.
11/15/07Innovative Performances for Traditional Needs #2. DOUBLE VISIONÕs Annual Fundraising Event
Featuring interactive dance, video, sound, installations. Plus! excellent food, drinks and auction items. Click here for full details and press release.
10/28/074~D dREAM-a-Thon presents: The Body, The Mirror, The Gaze. Climate Theater, San Francisco. Featuring Not Yet with chorography and video by Pauline Jennings, sound by Sean clute and performance by Pauline Jennings and Peter Matthews.
10/14/07Le Placard Headphone Festival, #9. Set by Sean Clute and Dave Holton.
9/28/0710th Annual Music For People & Thingamajigs Festival. Video Action Painting by Sean Clute with live video and sound processing by Pauline Jennings and Dave Holton. Click here for press release.
6/29/07 Ð 7/3/07DOUBLE VISION @ the 11th Annual Autonomous Mutant Festival! Featuring work by Andrea Campbell, Sean Clute, Mira Cook, Brian Enright, Dave Holton, Pauline Jennings, Jason B. Jones, Elisabeth Kohnke, Geoff Kuffner, Tim Thompson, Bill Wolter. Click here for photos.
6/1/07 - 6/3/07To Futurism and Back Again. Presented by DOUBLE VISION, N4th Center and New Art New Mexico. N4th Theater, Albuquerque, NM. As part of the Wild Dancing West Festival. Click for press release.
6/2/07DOUBLE VISION @ CAKE. Albuquerque, NM. Featuring live performances by William Fowler Collins, ÒWildÓ Bill Wolter, Cloud Full of Clowns, Cloudboy, Sean Clute, Matt Sartain, Dave Holton, Nicole Zvarik, Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, Amanda Crawford, Wendy Marinaccio and Cecelia Peterson. Installations by Chris Kruzic, Jessica Gomula, Jason B. Jones, Elisabeth Kohnke. Click for press release.
5/24/07POV 2 Animation Festival. El Cerrito Theater, El Cerrito, CA. Premiere of ÒBig Timber, Chop!
Chop!Ó by Sean Clute.
4/12/07 - 4/15/07To Futurism and Back Again. Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA. Four nights of stage works including Futurist restagings and world premieres. For additional information, please see the press release and the documentation for this production.
1/9/07 - 1/11/07CultureCatch.com Salon in Association with DOUBLE VISION. Three nights full of multi-media cultural experience complete with five computer video projections, interactive sound and light installations,
an amazing gallery installation from Inflatable Arts, choreographed drink servers, and art curated by DOUBLE VISION and Culture Catch.
12/10/06Dancer Group Presents: Second Sundays, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, CA. Presented Three Canons and Mise Scenes. Choreography by Pauline Jennings, Sound by Sean Clute, Dance Performance by Blaine Bookey, Amanda Crawford, Emily Gorman, Wendy Marinaccio, Cecelia Peterson
11/16/06DOUBLE VISION Fundraising Event, DragonBar, San Francisco, CA. Performances include: dance by Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, Amanda Crawford, Pauline Jennings, Wendy Marinaccio, Cecelia Peterson;
video by Ron Goldin, Jessica Gomula, Tim Thompson; sound by Sean Clute, Dorsey Dunn, Dave Holton, X-Ray Vision Network; installation by Chris Kruzic, Simran Gleason; performance by Nicole Zvarik.
9/7/06 - 9/16/0621/One, Produced by Boxcar Theatre. Installations, video, sound and dance performances throughout the city by DOUBLE VISION artists Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, Sean Clute, Amanda Crawford, Jessica Gomula, Pauline Jennings, Elisabeth Kohnke, Chris Kruzic, Wendy Marinaccio, Cecilia Peterson, David Reaboi, Nicole Zvarik
8/19/06Where the Catwalk Ends, Produced by a Missing Piece, San Francisco, CA. A Roaming Renegade Fashion Show. Dance by Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, Elisabeth Kohnke, Cecelia Peterson.
8/16/06Pilot 49: Riptide, ODC Theatre, San Francisco, CA. Premiere of Three canons and mise en scenes, with choreography by Pauline Jennings, music by Sean Clute and dance performances by Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, Amanda Crawford, Wendy Marinaccio and Cecelia Peterson.
8/10/06DOUBLE VISION @ SF MoMA, Yelp Private Event. Performances exploring Matthew BarneyÕs Drawing Restraint installation by Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, Pauline Jennings, Amy Nielson and Jacques
7/21/06Liquid SPACES, San Francisco, CA. micro:macro. Evening of dance installations by Tiffany Barbarash, Blaine Bookey, and Cecelia Peterson for Opening Reception for David Sanchez Burr.
5/26/06 - 5/27/06ArtSFest 2006, CELLspace, San Francisco, CA. Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl, Mutation #2. Produced two evenings of interactive installations consisting of dance, movement, video, sound
and interactive technologies. Artists included Marielle Amrhein, Steven Baudonnet, Matt Bell, Liz
Bootz, Sean Clute, Amanda Crawford, Brian Enright, Simran Gleason, JamminÕ Ammon, Ron Goldin, Jessica Gomula, Pauline Jennings, Jason B. Jones, Elisabeth Kohnke, Chris Kruzic, Amy Leonards, Michelle K. Lynch, Wendy Marinaccio, Amy Nielson, Cecelia Peterson, Tim Thompson, Bill Wolter, Nicole Zvarik.
4/28/06 - 4/29/06DOUBLE VISION / Amy Lewis, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, CA. Co-Produced and Co-Directed two evenings of stage performances including: as if by falling (choreography by Pauline Jennings, sound by Sean Clute), Fog is Not Ghost (choreography by Pauline Jennings, sound by Sean Clute), Disembodied Head No. 4 (concept, animation and sound by Sean Clute, video and choreography by Pauline Jennings) and Lifting and Dropping Sumo Yokozuma (Sound and Midi-Glove Performance by Sean Clute, animation and video by Pauline Jennings).
4/8/06Spectra Ball, Regency Center, San Francisco, CA. Installed and Directed a 6-hour performance involving video, dance, paint, animation, sound and technology, throughout three rooms of the Regency Center.
2/28/06P.O.V. Animation Festival, Parkway Theater, Oakland, CA. Outside Your View (animation and sound by Sean Clute, film editing by Pauline Jennings) and Rapid Diaspora (animation and sound by Sean Clute).
12/9/05 - 12/10/05Undercurrents, Jon Sims Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA. Lifting and Dropping Sumo Yokozuna, Sound and Live MIDI Glove Performance: Sean Clute, Animation: Pauline Jennings
11/19/05Mad Horse Loft, Oakland, CA. Evolutionary Patters and the Lonely Owl (Mutation #1). Presented an evening of mutating dance, music, video, and installation. Audience members transmit genetic codes, play cryptic games, and witness the 21st Century debacle of the wise and mysterious owl. Interactive technology and old school human bodies fill in the void between neuron and neurosis. Come play! Cast of artists include: Claire Barratt / Cilla Vee, Sean Clute, Amanda Crawford, Nick Fox-Gieg, Simran Gleason, Jessica Gomula, Dave Holton, Pauline Jennings, Jason B. Jones, Chris Kruzic, Amy Leonards, Amy Lewis, Peter Matthews Amy Nielson, Tim Thompson, Nicole Zvarik.
10/7/05 - 10/8/05Dance MissionÕs Harvest, Fall Choreography Showcase, Dance Mission, San Francisco. Presented ÒÉas if by falling,Ó by Pauline Jennings, music by Sean Clute, and performance by Liz Bootz, Amanda Crawford, Amy Leonards, Amy Nielson, Isabelle Sjahsam, Nicole Zvarik.
10/1/05Mills College Celebration of the Arts. Presented ÒÉas if by falling,Ó by Pauline Jennings, music by Sean Clute, and performance by Liz Bootz, Amanda Crawford, Amy Leonards, Amy Nielson, Isabelle Sjahsam, Nicole Zvarik.
9/24/05WORKS/San Jose, San Jose, CA. Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl (Byte #0). A new work combining elements of dance, music, video, and installation in an immersive evening of cellular struggle,
oscillating flesh and digital drama. Adapted from John Conway s Game of Life, performers and technology dynamically respond to one another creating unusual and sometimes beautiful patterns within the vast
gallery space of WORKS/San Jose. Cast of performers include: David Bithell, Liz Bootz, Bonner Odell, Sean Clute, Amanda Crawford, Dorsey Dunn, Jessica Gomula, Dave Holton, Marielle Jakobsons, Pauline Jennings, Jason B Jones, Amy Leonards, AmyNielson, Sonia Reiter, Aki Shinomiya, Isabelle Sjahsam, Max Stoffregen, Agnes Szelag, Bill Wolter and Nicole Zvarik.
5/12/05Luggage Store, San Francisco. Evening collaboration of music and dance.
4/29/05WORKS/San Jose, San Jose. Evening collaboration of music, video and dance.
3/31/05Signal Flow Festival, Oakland. Premier of Disembodied Head #4.
3/4/05 - 3/5/05Raw and Uncut II, Jon Sims Center for the Arts ÒreIllusionedÓ Choreography and video by Pauline Jennings. Music by Sean Clute. Performance by Dena Bermann
1/22/05MAP: Media Assisted Performance, 848 ÒreIllusionedÓ by Pauline Jennings Live Music by Sean Clute and Dorsey Dunn Performances by Dena Bermann, Liz Bootz, Amy Lewis, Amy Nielson and Nicole Zvarik
11/14/04Disorderd Trio(s) 3-3-5 Works In the Works, East Bay ChoreographerÕs Alliance 8th Street Studio, Berkeley. Choreography by Pauline Jennings Dance performance by Dena Bermann, Pauline Jennings, Angelina Nicole, Isabelle Sjahsam Music performance by Double Vision
10/29/0413 Dreams of a Dying Clairvoyant An intermedia expoloration of life and death. Presented by Double Vision. The Oakland Metro
10/8/04 - 10/9/04Footlose Presents: WomenÕs Work Series 2004. Shotwell Studios. PLEASE CLICK TO SEE THE PROGRAM INFO FOR FRI and SAT NITE
9/25/04 - 9/26/04Cycles at DANCE MISSIONÕS ÒHARVEST 2004? By Pauline Jennings. Performance by: Dena Bermann, Liz Bootz, Emily Gorman, Amy Lewis, Angelina Nicole, Amy Nielson, Brandy Shelton
9/17/04A Gathering, ritual, and sacrifice to change our senses and gears for
the autumn season.
Summer* Coconut Comedy Ð Jacob (Stand up comedian), * Sweet Jazz/Sweet
Corn Ð ÒWildÓ Bill Wolter (Guitar), * Piano at Twilight Ð Vitas (Piano)
Rituals: * Persephone Ð Movement, eating, sounds (Jenna, Luis, Dorsey),
* Leaf-God Intervention
Autumn: * X-Ray Vision Network (Dorsey, Sean, Luis), * Ambiont (Greg),
* Namae (Tim Gray)
Video: Double Vision, GoogleBot, and minimalEaves,
Installations: J (BJ) Jones
7/04 + 8/04Autonomous Mutant Fest. Music by: Sean Clute, Dorsey Dunn, Luis Maurette, and Bill Wolter.. Video: Lux (from Amoeba Tech.) and Sean Clute.
7/27/04Black Box: Inner (f)Ear Ballet. Music by: Sean Clute, Dorsey Dunn, Luis Maurette, and Bill Wolter. Choreography: Pauline Jennings and Melissa Anast. Dance: Dena Bermann, Liz Bootz, Amy Lewis, Amy
Nielson, Pauline Jennings, Melissa Anast. Video: Lux (from Amoeba Tech.) and Sean Clute.
6/12/04Berkezerkly dreamzzz, Organizer, curator, and performer of a music and dance event including Dena Bena (tap dancer), JBJ (reel to reel audio), Pauline Jennings (modern dance), DJ Thunderfuck, James St. Clair (computer) and ÒWildÓ Bill Wolter (guitar).
5/29/04Cloud Full of Clowns CD Release Party, Performed gutiar, bass, and vocals with CFC, performed improv computer music, created Virtual Talking Cactus video installation with JBJ (cartoons and voice), and Pauline Jennings (designer), House Of Clouds, Albuquerque, NM
4/4/04Disembodied Head #2 and #3, Director, composer, and creater of video, animation, MAX/MSP/Jitter programming, and sensors, with perfomance and video by Pauline Jennings, additional music by Zemi 17,
and costumes and lights by Amy Nielson Signal Flow Festival, Mills College, Oakland, CA
12/12/03Involution 2, Organizer and curator of an Intermedia event merging California and New York City artists.
Disembodied Head #2: Performance using MAX/MSP/Jitter, animation, sensormat, video, and sound with dancer Pauline Jennings and composer Zemi 17. Ballad of Jean Baudrillard: Electronic music with Dorsey Dunn for an installation of rotating disks and video by Bill Wolter. After Supremacy: Electronic music with Dorsy Dunn and Doc for live animation perfomance by Nick Fox-Gieg 23 Windows, Brooklyn, NY. Click here for info.
12/10/03Disembodied Head #2: Performance using MAX/MSP/Jitter, animation, sensormat, video, and sound collaboration with Pauline Jennings and composer Zemi 17. Is the Future on Two Feet?: Music composition for video by Pauline Jennings and dance by Amy Lewis Studio One, Mills College, Oakland, CA
12/3/03Not Yet: Music composition for a dance for camera by Pauline Jennings. Vision of an Antique Saloon: Composition for a video for dance by choregrapher Kristen Studer and video by Corrin Sklar
Studio One Night, Mills College, Oakland, CA
12/2/03Disembodied Head #1: Animation, sound, and composition for a choir of seventeen networked computers using Open Sound Control, MAX/MSP/Jitter Prieto Lab, Mills College, Oakland, CA
11/8/03Not Yet: Music composition for a dance for camera by Pauline Jennings. East Bay Choreographers AllianceÕs Works in the Works, Eight Street Studio, Berkeley, CA