“This is how modern dance should be: beautiful and edgy all at once.”

Rebeca Martin, Dance Informa

“an enchanting evening of dance, video, and aural delight”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Jennings’ movement vocabulary is fresh and inventive, and its execution cohesive and precise.”

Bonner Odell

“Can technology wipe us all out? Wipe out art? It was worth thinking about and amazing to watch.”

Albuquerque Journal

“An overall haunting, metamorphic, and conceptually Futurist adventure. F.T. Marinetti would have been quite entranced.”

Gina Christine, Beaubourg 268

“Highly entertaining and deeply thought-provoking, [Clute’s] work reveals both personal depth and creative rigor.”

Bonner Odell

“a technological marvel.”

Albuquerque Journal

“[A] galactic playground of the imagination….A spontaneous combustion of colliding performances.”


“[Hysteresis] leads a meditative journey into unfamiliar alien territory…. “

SF Examiner

“…exhilarating, funny, challenging, complex, beautiful. Un-conventional and experimental, just the way modern dance should be.”


“Unfettered from the sense that there was something “to get,” the viewer’s mind was free to drift among associations, the dancers evoking now a flock of birds, now an ocean current, now a windstorm gathering force.”


“It [Hysteresis] epitomized perfectly what I think of when I think of good modern dance.”

SF Dance

“[DOUBLE VISION] forged a balance between unity, complexity and chaos as visitors roamed freely through an environment of performance, dance, music, video and technology.”


“finely constructed and sharply performed.”

Albuquerque Journal